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2024 GSK IMPACT Awards: Ivison Trust

Ivison Trust is a national charity based in Leeds supporting parents and carers whose children are being sexually and criminally exploited from outside the family.

Judges’ comments

'Through its evidence-based and forward-looking approach, Ivison Trust works tirelessly to support parents’ health and wellbeing at a horrific time in their lives. The charity understand that children are victims and that it is their vulnerability as children that exploiters use to coerce them. It puts the affected parents, many of whom experience feelings of stigma, shame and helplessness, at the heart of its work. Ivison Trust also collaborates with local partners to safeguard exploited children by sharing intelligence with relevant authorities, supporting investigations undertaken by police, and training thousands of health and social care professionals. For a small charity with very few staff, it has impressively managed to expand its work nationwide to support hundreds of families’ health and wellbeing each year.'

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