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2014 GSK IMPACT Award winners

The following organisations received a £30,000 donation, plus two places on a unique training and development programme and an invitation to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Development Network with its programme of free meetings and events. The overall winner, Gloucestershire Young Carers, was announced at the GSK IMPACT Awards Ceremony on 15 May 2014. 

Gloucestershire Young Carers

Gloucestershire Young Carers support young people caring for a family member who is ill, disabled, experiencing mental ill-health or affected by substance misuse.

As many as one in 12 young people in the UK might be caring for someone in their family. Gloucestershire Young Carers aims to create a network of support for young carers across the county and works with them to ensure they get the support they need.

What the judges said

'Gloucestershire Young Carers has put young people and their needs at the heart of the organisation. It has a supportive and practical approach, which fully supports young carers in decision-making. It is flexible and focused on need and is doing valued work with an often hidden and vulnerable group of young people.'


Based in Brighton, Amaze offers information, advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people with special needs or disabilities.

Caring for children with disabilities can lead to severe financial hardship and social isolation - 40 per cent of familes with disabled children are living in poverty. Amaze helps families access the financial help they need as well as providing a range of dedicated support.

What the judges said

'Amaze is a fantastic example of how a small, community-based organisation can provide valuable health care support for local families. Its network is extraordinarily impressive, including engagement with 61 groups and it has helped give families with children with disabilities and special needs a voice.'

Anaphylaxis Campaign

Anaphylaxis Campaign supports people affected by severe allergies and actively campaigns for better allergy care and treatments.

Anaphylaxis causes an average of 20 deaths every year, with more than half of these occurring amongst people aged 15 to 25 years. Based in Farnborough, the Anaphylaxis Campaign has a range of services aimed at improving awareness of severe allergy and potentially deadly allergic reactions.

What the judges said

'An influential organisation that has developed innovative awareness campaigns. Its early-warning product alert/text email system, when any food contamination is announced, is particularly impressive. It provides high-quality information and has very good contacts with the food industry and GPs.'

Aware Defeat Depression

Aware Defeat Depression supports people in Northern Ireland affected by depression.

In 2012, Northern Ireland had the highest levels of depression in the UK. It is estimated that one in six people who have had some form of depression will take their own lives. Aware Defeat Depression supports thousands of people each year through its training and support services.

What the judges said

'The work Aware Defeat Depression is doing in Northern Ireland to help tackle a health issue that is often misunderstood is extremely important. Its information and support programmes, many of which are provided by volunteers, are having a real impact helping vulnerable people with an often debilitating health condition.'


HENRY, based in Oxford, aims to give babies and young children a healthy start in life.

One in five children is either overweight or obese by the time they start school at the age of five. HENRY (Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young) trains health professionals and works with families to provide parents with practical support and guidance.

What the judges said

'HENRY is an impressive organisation that has achieved much in a relatively short period of time. It works in partnership with parents, practitioners and communities. It has a wide reach, extending across the UK, giving parents, along with health and early learning professionals the tools to tackle obesity.'

Lesbian & Gay Foundation

Based in Manchester, the Lesbian & Gay Foundation offers a wide portfolio of well-established services to meet the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people.

With no national data on sexual orientation, designing health services to support the LGB community is difficult. The Lesbian & Gay Foundation provides GPs with guidance on how to discuss health issues with LGB patients and improve their experience of health services.

What the judges said

'A proactive organisation that has successfully campaigned to give the health needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people across the UK an equal footing. Its achievements in this area are very impressive and have far-reaching implications. They are well-respected and have a strong reach into marginalised communities.'

Mayfair Community Centre

Run by the community for the community, Mayfair Community Centre provides services and activities to support healthy living for people of all ages in Shropshire.

Mayfair Community Centre offers a wide range of services, including support for people at risk of being unnecessarily admitted to hospital; health and exercise classes; a crèche and other youth activities; a community transport scheme, and various support and advice health groups.

What the judges said

'Mayfair Community Centre plays a key role in its local area, helping to reduce pressure on NHS services and connecting people from all areas of the community, enabling them to support each other. It is well-run with excellent links to local groups and has an integrated approach.'

Open Secret

Open Secret is based in Falkirk and provides confidential support to individuals and families whose lives have been affected by childhood abuse and trauma.

As many as one in four young adults have been severely maltreated as children and one in 20 suffered sexual abuse. Open Secret provides counselling and group support for all ages and worked with over 1,000 survivors of abuse last year.

What the judges said

'Open Secret is successfully tackling challenging health issues, which people are often afraid to speak about. Its work in prisons is particularly innovative, working with prison staff as well as survivors, and its services have delivered impressive outcomes.'


RISE, based in Brighton, supports women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

One in four women experience domestic violence and it is estimated that domestic violence costs the NHS £1.2 billion each year. RISE (Refuge, Information, Support and Education) works to directly address health issues arising from domestic violence and trains ambulance staff to recognise signs of abuse and know how to respond safely.

What the judges said

'RISE is an impressive charity, providing vital support for victims of domestic abuse. Its work with the ambulance service is particularly innovative and helps ensure vulnerable women and families are getting the support they desperately need.'

Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living

Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living supports older people and people with disabilities to make informed choices, leading to full and independent lives in the community.

The Centre has a wide range of services including one-to-one help, peer mentoring and workshops. It provides Direct Payment support for disabled and older people and a Home from Hospital Service.

What the judges said

'Service users are put at the heart of Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living - it is clear that they are passionate about the work they do. It is a well-run organisation and has grown significantly in recent years. It is an excellent example of a local organisation providing much-needed support for disabled people.'


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