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2019 GSK IMPACT Award winners

Our congratulations go to the ten charities that have won 2019 GSK IMPACT Awards for their outstanding contributions to improving the UK’s health and wellbeing. 

The following organisations will receive a £30,000 donation and two places on a free training and development programme and an invitation to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Development Network with its programme of free meetings and events. Suffolk Family Carers, a charity that supports unpaid carers of all ages across Suffolk, was named as the overall winner of the 2019 GSK IMPACT Awards at an award ceremony held at the Science Museum in London on 16 May. As the overall winner, Suffolk Family Carers has received an additional £10,000 in funding.

Suffolk Family Carers

Physical and mental health issues because of caring can be significant. Suffolk Family Carers provides information, advice and support to unpaid carers of all ages across Suffolk, promoting resilience building, peer support and facilitating access to local community services. Through their helpline, awards for schools and hospitals, and work in GP surgeries, they are pioneering best practice and support for carers.

What the judges said

'We were particularly struck by this charity’s ability to draw in a wide range of partners to work together to influence and improve services for carers across Suffolk. Demonstrating innovation and creativity, the organisation is continually evolving its services and enjoys a strong reputation across the county.'

The Children's Sleep Charity

The Children’s Sleep Charity estimates that 40% of children and young people experience problems sleeping, which can lead to anxiety, obesity, behavioural problems and poorer performance in school. As the only charity solely dedicated to improving children’s sleep, it supports children and families experiencing sleep issues, providing information and training for professionals and parents, and also running sleep clinics and awareness campaigns.

What the judges said

'This unique, small charity is effective at spreading its message about the challenges for families with children who experience sleep problems across England and Wales. It’s developed a range of resources and services, along with having real success in raising the profile of this much hidden issue.'

East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services

On average, two women a week are killed through domestic abuse. There are an estimated 35,000 victims of domestic abuse in Surrey. East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services offer a range of services to help and support women, men and children who are at risk or survivors of physical, emotional or financial domestic abuse or coercive control.

What the judges said

'East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services are at the forefront of trialling new community-based approaches to tackling domestic abuse. We recognised the organisation’s ability to lead cross-sector partnerships in finding solutions and were impressed by its wide reach into some very marginalised communities.'

Grassroots Suicide Prevention

One person in 15 will attempt suicide in their lifetime and it is the leading cause of death for men under 50 in the UK. Grassroots is a leading national charity in suicide prevention. It provides the skills and confidence to save lives through a range of services, including its mobile app ‘Stay Alive’, training courses, and awareness raising campaigns.

What the judges said

'We were impressed with its forward-thinking ambition and reach. Through the development of a digital app and its imaginative campaigns to address the stigma of suicide, this community-based approach to suicide prevention offers an important and innovative response to this critical issue.'

Healthy Minds

Calderdale, West Yorkshire, is among the most deprived areas in the country and prevalence of mental health conditions is higher than the national average. Healthy Minds, a user-led organisation, provides peer support, recovery courses, employment and financial workshops, and mental health education - supporting people in crisis and helping aid their recovery, whilst tackling the stigma of mental health.

What the judges said

'Healthy Minds, a growing user-led charity, was able to evidence its achievements and demonstrate its commitment to co-production. This, added to its creative response to emerging needs, and its reach into local Black and minority ethnic communities, made it a real stand-out organisation.'

Off the Record Youth Counselling Croydon

With 1 in 7 secondary school children experiencing a mental health disorder in England, Off the Record offers free, professional face to face and online counselling to young people in Croydon, Merton and Sutton. It has a range of different services in different boroughs depending on need, targeting BAME communities, young carers, refugees and those affected by violent or sudden death.

What the judges said

'This locally-based counselling organisation works across a wide range of young people’s mental health needs from depression to self-harm. We were impressed with the organisation’s creative response and innovative partnerships to meet the needs of different communities, whilst addressing rising demand and greater complexity.'

Positive Life

Positive Life is Northern Ireland’s only charity solely dedicated to working for people living with or affected by HIV. It provides one-to-one peer and family support, advocacy, advice and information services, a confidential helpline and rapid HIV testing. It works to influence policy and raise awareness to eradicate the stigma surrounding HIV in Northern Ireland.

What the judges said

'With its focus on prevention and its reach across communities, this small charity was commended for its work across Northern Ireland. It has worked hard to combat stigma, educate the public, reduce isolation and influence the wider agenda to support people living with or affected by HIV.'

Rape Crisis South London

Rape Crisis South London supports women and girls from the age of five, who have suffered rape and sexual assault. Its services include a free national helpline, counselling, group therapy, advocacy and training for professionals, young people and community organisations across 12 South London boroughs. It also supports marginalised survivors such as sex workers, homeless women, or those in prison.

What the judges said

'This well-respected, well-networked local organisation is responding to unprecedented demand on its services. Especially commended was its ability to respond to unmet need and its reach into communities that can be forgotten – such as street sex workers, refugees and women who are homeless.'

Refugee and Migrant Centre Black Country and Birmingham

The health of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants is often poor with high rates of anxiety, depression and illnesses. The Refugee and Migrant Centre works with these marginalised communities, delivering services in over 40 languages. It provides a weekly health visitor clinic helping those who cannot access support elsewhere as well as legal, welfare, housing, education and employment advice services.

What the judges said

'This refugee-led organisation provides vital and innovative health and wellbeing services, as part of a holistic approach to a very marginalised group of people. It has formed strong partnerships and has the exceptional support of a wide volunteer base, enabling it to offer its services in over 40 languages.'

Support in Mind Scotland

Support in Mind Scotland supports people whose mental health condition has a serious impact on their lives and the people around them. It offers one to one group and peer support, counselling, rural outreach, financial and employment advice, and services for young people experiencing isolation. It also works to give its users a stronger voice and influence national policy.

What the judges said

'This organisation is committed to ensuring services are shaped by the lived experience of people with severe mental health problems, many of whom live in rural areas where services are dispersed. It has also developed strong partnerships beyond the health sector and piloted new approaches to people in acute distress.'


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