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Training and development for award winners

GSK IMPACT Award winners will be offered two free places on the GSK IMPACT Awards Development Programme and are then invited to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Network, which connects past award winners, both online and at meetings.

The Development Programme and Network, valued at an average of £9,500 for each organisation, is funded by GSK and delivered by The King's Fund.

What our 2024 winners said about winning

GSK IMPACT Awards Development Programme

The three-day programme helps winners develop their organisations and their leaders. Informed by the rigorous assessment process for the awards, it is tailored to the needs of each year’s award winners. Recent programme topics included:

  • demonstrating your organisation’s value and impact

  • having difficult conversations and HR

  • why some solutions don’t stick – working with resistance and polarities

  • financial management and governance

  • leadership workshops – developing enquiry skills

  • developing authority and personal impact

  • diversity and inclusion

  • briefing from The King’s Fund’s Policy Team

Feedback on the Development Programme

Previous participants commented on the excellent training and facilitation, its relevance to their work, how it motivated them and the unique value of working with other award-winning organisations facing similar challenges. These are comments from previous participants:

‘Such an incredible programme to be involved with – so much value to our organisation beyond the financial support.’

‘The programme was fabulous from start to end.  We really valued the time and space to think properly and the quality of the development programme was outstanding.’  

‘I felt a little intimidated by the idea of attending The King’s Fund, and expected to be out of place. The whole team delivered a high quality programme with warmth, humanity and humour that enabled all of us to lean into the learning and be vulnerable.’

‘I feel like I’ve experienced something very significant, with huge potential for the future, individually and organisationally.’

GSK IMPACT Awards Network

The GSK IMPACT Awards Network is a unique learning network that supports health and wellbeing charities to:

  • develop their leaders on an ongoing basis, providing participants with the skills to respond to the challenges of their environment

  • share experiences and expertise

  • build the recognition of their significant and vital contribution to the health and social care system.

The Network started as a small pilot project in 2012 and now has over 180 members representing almost 120 award-winning charities from across the UK. The whole programme is driven by participants’ ideas and experience, with the facilitation led by a dedicated team of experts at The King’s Fund.

‘I do appreciate the ongoing support and commitment The King’s Fund and GSK show to the charity sector, and to us as former winners. The fact that we can still benefit from the ongoing training, networking and development is remarkable.’

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