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2017 GSK IMPACT Award winners

Our congratulations go to the 10 charities that have won 2017 GSK IMPACT Awards for their outstanding contributions to improving the UK’s health and wellbeing.

The following organisations received a £30,000 donation, two places on a free training and development programme, plus an invitation to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Development Network with its programme of free meetings and events. PAC-UK, a charity offering support to those affected by adoption, was named as the overall winner of the 2017 GSK IMPACT Awards at an award ceremony held at the Science Museum in London on 18 May. As the overall winner, PAC-UK have received an additional £10,000 in funding.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the GSK IMPACT Awards programme. Since the awards began in 1997, more than 420 community health care charities have received a GSK IMPACT Award and funding totalling over £5.8 million.


Over 60 per cent of looked after children have suffered abuse or neglect. One third of adopting families report major challenges caring for children with multiple difficulties. Driven by research into how trauma affects child development, PAC-UK is working with local authorities and charities to meet the needs of adopted children and families in a pioneering approach that is transforming the adoption sector.

What the judges said

'PAC-UK is a pioneering charity that provides much-needed support to children and families affected by adoption. We were hugely impressed by PAC-UK’s strong leadership, clear sense of direction, and commitment to those it supports. This is a charity doing important and innovative work.'

Basis Yorkshire

Basis Yorkshire works with some of the most marginalised and vulnerable women in Leeds, offering non-judgemental support to sex workers and helping them access sexual health checks and other services. In partnership with the police, city council and the women and young people it supports, Basis improves their safety and health.

What the judges said

'Basis Yorkshire is a small charity achieving big things. It has developed effective partnerships and has been particularly proactive in reaching women who may find it hard to access services. It is having a positive impact on some of the most vulnerable women and young people in its community.'

Carers Leeds

There are an estimated 73,000 carers in Leeds and nationally 82 per cent of carers say caring negatively impacts on their health. Carers Leeds has become the single point of access to services for carers, and brought together four voluntary and one NHS service provider in order to offer excellent and innovative support to all adult carers in Leeds.

What the judges said

'Carers Leeds is providing crucial support for people with caring responsibilities. It demonstrates excellent leadership in developing new approaches to meeting carers’ needs. By becoming the single point of access for carers in Leeds, it is helping people navigate a complex system and receive the advice and support they need.'


It is estimated that 44,000 adults in Coventry have been victims of sexual violence at some stage of their lives, and more than 10,000 children in Coventry are thought to have been abused. CRASAC supports and counsels women, men, children and young people. It reaches out to all ages and harder-to-reach ethnic groups and helps survivors navigate the judicial system and move forward with their lives.

What the judges said

'CRASAC provides crucial support to those affected by rape and sexual abuse in Coventry. Many victims and survivors are extremely vulnerable and can develop severe health and care needs. It supports a large number of people and has shown impressive results demonstrating dedication and passion in its work.'

First Steps

More than 725,000 people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder. First Steps provides services for families, carers and those affected directly. It raises awareness and gives informed practical help such as online befriending, one-to-one support and self-help groups. It also works with Derbyshire NHS Eating Disorders Service to support patients in the community and help avoid hospitalisation.

What the judges said

'First Steps is a small charity having a big impact on the wellbeing of people affected by eating disorders in Derbyshire. Eating disorders have devastating consequences for people’s health. Through its fantastic use of volunteers and commitment to meeting the needs of its service users, First Steps provides dynamic and highly-effective support.'

Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust

Cambuslang and Rutherglen is a diverse, urban area affected by deprivation and inequality. Healthy n Happy helps communities to thrive, be resilient and healthy. By offering opportunities such as volunteering, one-to-one support, health and wellbeing activities and initiatives like CamGlen Radio, it builds skills, confidence and resources, enabling people to make positive changes in their lives and their community.

What the judges said

'Healthy n Happy brings people together and supports them to take control of their own health and wellbeing. It’s a dynamic and effective force for positive change. Its work is clearly shaped by local needs, making it an inspiring example of a charity working closely with the community it serves.'

Sahir House

Sahir House runs a range of services including advocacy, advice on housing and welfare benefits, and counselling and psychotherapy for those living with, affected by or at risk of HIV. Through its innovative work in care homes and its proactive support for BME communities and LGBT asylum seekers, Sahir House is reaching people are most in need.

What the judges said

'A dynamic charity that tailors services to the needs of people living with HIV. Through its innovative projects and commitment to reaching those most in need, it is moving into spaces where no one else works. It does fantastic work in raising awareness of HIV issues and improving public understanding of the condition.'

Sight Cymru

Welsh charity, Sight Cymru, supports people to live independently despite them losing or having lost their sight. In recognition that some ethnic groups are six times more likely to suffer sight loss, the charity works with community groups and schools to encourage early sight tests. It also encourages home-based rehabilitation to build resilience and confidence for people losing their sight.

What the judges said

'Sight Cymru does fantastic work in supporting those affected by sight loss to stay healthy and independent. It is committed to the health and wellbeing of those with sight loss and works hard to raise awareness of the importance of eye health. Its work with all of Wales’s diverse communities is particularly impressive.'

Student Minds

Going to university is a big transition, involving academic, financial and lifestyle pressures. With three quarters of mental health difficulties diagnosable by the age of 25, access to timely support matters. Student Minds empowers students and staff to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to look after their mental health, support others and create change, so all in higher education can thrive.

What the judges said

'Student Minds is a small charity having a big impact on the promotion of good mental health in universities. Through its dynamic campaigns and support for volunteers, it has been successful in raising awareness of mental health issues and equipping students with the tools needed to look after their own mental health.'

Tyneside Women's Health

Tyneside Women’s Health is a small dynamic charity providing mental health support. A quarter of women it helps have experienced domestic abuse and almost two thirds are suffering from depression. It provides a range of services, including drop-in sessions, mental health courses, therapeutic activities and counselling. Led by women, it helps improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.

What the judges said

'Tyneside Women’s Health is a great example of a small, dynamic charity providing valuable health and wellbeing services for the local community. Its determination to always do better, as well as its commitment to diversity and meeting a wide range of needs is particularly impressive.'


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