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GSK Grow Leadership Programme

The GSK Grow Leadership Programme will support up to 10 organisations, with up to 2 places for each organisation. Delivered online, it will enable you to take part in a mix of workshops led by senior leadership consultants at The King’s Fund, and individual or organisational coaching.

Benefits of the programme

Feedback on similar programmes from The King’s Fund for community leaders shows they:

  • build confidence, resilience, and coping skills

  • combat the isolation felt by many leaders

  • support better planning and strategic decision-making

  • strengthen relationships internally (such as with boards of trustees) and externally, and help leaders manage difficult and challenging situations.    

The workshops will be designed to support leaders to develop their organisations, gain knowledge and learn new skills. As a charity leader, you will also have opportunities to work with other members of the GSK Grow group to share learning and experiences. 

The coaching will be delivered by charity leaders who have completed our Cascading Leadership programme. This trains experienced leaders to support other leaders in their sector, and grew out of the GSK IMPACT Awards. 

These coaches will not help with the day-to-day operation of your organisation, such as writing your business or fundraising plan. What they will do is help you take a step back from these tasks and provide you with the time and confidential space to reflect on your role; what strengths you might build on and what you might need to do differently to achieve your leadership goals. 

If you take part in GSK Grow Leadership Programme we will ask you to be:

  • be generous in sharing what you know

  • be curious and open to new ideas and approaches to leading change and developing your organisation

  • accept appropriate support and be prepared to be constructively challenged

  • offer feedback on this new programme to support its development.

Programme dates

The initial workshop will take place in November 2021 with two places available for each organisation.

This will be followed by coaching sessions with your Cascading Leadership Consultant and further workshops in early 2022.

The programme will be completed by April 2022.


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