Personal impact and influence

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This highly interactive and experiential programme will help you increase your self-awareness and understand your personal impact and influence.

You will develop the flexibility to adapt your behaviour in challenging situations, rather than reacting out of habit.

Is this course for me?

This programme is particularly useful for professionals across health care, social care and the voluntary sector who want to increase their leadership . You might be a:

  • clinician in the NHS, independent or social care sectors
  • head of service or department
  • consultant or doctor leading a service or clinical team
  • manager in the NHS, independent sector or social care system.

You may be leading teams or working across services and systems and using your influence to achieve change.

What will I learn?

This programme is not about learning a set of rules on how to behave. It is about understanding the difference between your intent and your impact and developing the ability to apply positive influencing behaviours.

As a result of becoming more aware of your own impact, and your own and others’ perspectives, you will be able to communicate and lead more effectively. By understanding positive influencing behaviours, you will influence with confidence and increase your impact on others.     

You will develop your ability to work effectively with colleagues in high-pressure situations and strengthen working relationships while meeting your objectives.  


Module one

  • Understand your personal impact and explore the effect particular behaviours have on others and the responses these evoke.
  • Undertake a filmed negotiation and influencing exercise and reflect upon the effectiveness of your own and others’ influencing styles.  
  • Explore a behaviour based influencing model, develop and practice each of the core influencing skills.
  • Explore conflict handling strategies and being on the receiving end of challenging behaviours.
  • Set personal influencing goals.
  • Establish a learning community to support and challenge one another.

Module two

  • Work with professional actors to experiment with connections between body language, voice control and mind-set in creating a positive personal presence and impact.
  • Explore approaches and develop skills to increase impact and influence within and beyond formal roles.
  • Practice a personal influencing situation.
  • Create a personal vision, and impact and influencing action plan. 


This course has been so practical. It really has been life changing, and what I have learnt I can definitely use. This will make a difference in my work and personal life.
Participant on Personal impact and influence, 2017

Programme team


Kiran Chauhan

Senior Consultant, Leadership and organisational development


Deborah Homa

Senior Consultant, Leadership and organisational development

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