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Six building blocks for harnessing the creativity and enthusiasm of NHS staff
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There is now an overwhelming body of evidence to show that engaged staff deliver better health care. Trusts with more engaged staff tend to have lower levels of patient mortality, make better use of resources, and have stronger financial performance and higher patient satisfaction, with more patients reporting that they were treated with dignity and respect.

This paper encourages boards and other leaders to focus on staff engagement and suggests a number of questions boards can ask to assess their organisation’s level of staff engagement.

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Staff engagement publication

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Key findings

The paper suggests there are six building blocks for ensuring a highly engaged workforce.

  1. Develop a compelling, shared strategic direction – inspire your staff with a persuasive narrative about what your organisation is seeking to achieve and how staff can contribute.
  2. Build collective and distributed leadership – move away from top-down leadership and share authority, responsibility and accountability with staff.
  3. Adopt supportive and inclusive leadership styles – encourage leaders throughout your organisation to develop a broader range of styles, with less reliance on directive leadership and a greater focus on consensus-building, coaching and supporting staff.
  4. Give staff the tools to lead service transformation – give staff the training and support to improve their services for themselves, creating learning organisations, rather than parachuting in external experts.
  5. Establish a culture based on integrity and trust – develop a clear sense of your organisation’s values and live by them, including maintaining the highest standards of integrity and fairness, even when things go wrong.
  6. Place staff engagement firmly on the board agenda – start making time for regular board discussions of how to improve levels of engagement, using the NHS Staff Survey as a source of insight into what is going well and what needs to improve.

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The King’s Fund has a wealth of experience in working with NHS organisations and can support you in developing and delivering a collective leadership strategy and a culture of high staff engagement.

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#542946 Sabrina Rind
Appraisal pharmacist
all wales thereapeutic and toxicology centre

I am interested in developing motivated staff with a clear vision of what excellence looks like and ensuring we have systems in place to make this happen.

#548861 Joan Kennellu
Residential Care

I am really interested in staff engagement and the positive outcomes for patients

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