Trusts in deficit

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Graph showing trusts in deficit

Data source: The King’s Fund analysis of NHS Improvement, NHS Trust Development Authority and Department of Health data

Increasing numbers of NHS providers are facing financial difficulties. In 2009/10, just 8 per cent of trusts and foundation trusts overspent. The latest figures for 2015/16 show that nearly two-thirds of all trusts ended the year in deficit. Nearly three-quarters of trusts in deficit were acute hospitals.

Between 2009/10 and 2012/13, NHS providers – trusts and foundation trusts – had together ended each year with a surplus of around £500 million. But in 2013/14 the gross deficit outweighed the gross surplus of NHS providers and there was a net overspend of £107 million.

In the past two years provider finances deteriorated sharply; last year providers overspent by nearly £2.5 billion. A total of 11 trusts had accumulated deficits of over £50 million each, and Barts Health NHS Trust posted the largest overspend of £135 million.

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