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Supporting leaders to improve population health

We offer a range of support to health and care leaders who want to improve population health at an individual, team, organisation or system level.  

Developing skills for population health

As population health becomes ever more important, we can help you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence in leading population health efforts. We can help in three ways.  

  • Our Leadership for population health programme will bring you together with a network of health and care leaders across the UK and will share cutting-edge thinking to develop your own skills and plans. Join the 100 leaders who have already been on this programme. 

  • Our workforce offer brings our leadership for population health expertise to you. We can work with health and care leaders in your area to grow the energy, skills and plans for improving population health. To date, we’ve worked with more than 700 people in their geographical location, including 50 leaders across north-east England. 

  • We can also run shorter bespoke sessions with your teams to develop a shared understanding of what population health is and how best you can approach it through your work and efforts. We’ve already worked with Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership, Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership, and primary and secondary care clinicians in north-east Essex as part of their leadership development work.

Strategy development for population health

Sometimes what you really want is to develop a plan for approaching population health – practical steps that can motivate colleagues locally to work together. It could be: 

  • that you’d like work through how to tailor our Vision for population health to specific needs in your local area or your organisation. We’ve supported Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership to do this.  

  • you may want a practical framework that people can use to think about what they can do in their roles to tackle key population health issues – for example, through reducing health inequalities. With Public Health England and NHS England, we’ve already developed a framework to support allied health professionals to address health inequalities. 

Partnerships for population health

Perhaps you need a way of bringing together a large group of partners to think about local priorities and approaches for population health. We can support this by: 

  • talking to your teams or partners about the current thinking and developments 

  • chairing a workshop, conference, event or meeting 

  • acting as a critical friend as you plan your approach 

  • helping you find the shared cross-system priorities that can be a shared starting point for this work.   

We’ve already supported health and care partners across Northern Ireland, City of London and Hackney Borough Partners, and the East London Foundation Trust in their population health development work.    

Develop your workforce for population health

We can also work with you to co-create an approach to developing your workforce for population health including: 

  • board development  

  • senior leader co-production sessions  

  • operational and frontline staff development  

  • practical change stimulation and growth. 

We’ve been working with leaders across Oldham health and care organisations for nearly 2 years to co-produce a programme of workforce development. This has resulted in considerable system strengthening through Covid-19 emergencies. Together, we developed an innovative two-tiered approach that has led to improvements in population health and this has sparked momentum for further work across Oldham. We’ve also supported organisational executive teams at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust and One Bromley Executive.

Bespoke support

We are always looking for more ways to keep you feeling supported and connected with population health. We know that this work is important and getting even more so. But it’s tiring too, and can feel like you’re working alone, or facing overwhelming challenges that can seem insurmountable. So, whether you are interested in population health as an overall concept, or in health inequalities, or any other aspect of population health, do get in touch. We’re always happy to hear about your ideas and support needs. 

Get in touch

For more information about how we can support you, please email [email protected]

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