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My role in tackling health inequalities: a framework for allied health professionals

Allied health professionals (AHPs) are an important part of the health and care workforce. In England, 170,000 AHPs work across 14 professional groups providing clinical care and contributing to population health more widely (by improving health and tackling health inequalities).

The King’s Fund has worked with AHPs from across the UK to develop a framework to support any AHP to think through and understand their contribution to tackling health inequalities, whatever their role. The framework details how AHPs can raise awareness, take action and optimise advocacy through six lenses: self; patients; clinical teams, pathway and service groups; communities and networks; systems; and nurturing the future.

The framework is designed to support AHPs to do whatever they can – large or small – to tackle health inequalities. Each section of the framework is accompanied by examples of AHP-led work already under way across England.

This work was commissioned by Public Health England and NHS England and NHS Improvement.