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Advanced organisational development practitioner programme: health and social care


Next start date: July 2024
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The King's Fund, Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN
£3,950 +VAT
Three modules over four months


This experiential programme is designed for experienced organisational development (OD) practitioners and those working in transformation and change, to develop and deepen their understanding of the possibilities for OD in current health and social care settings. To take a more systemic view in their work and to develop skills as a relational practitioner. 

This programme will explore what this means for OD and consider how we can best support our organisations in thoughtful, yet practical, ways to build resilience for the future.

The programme will cover how to develop cultures for high-quality care, enable leaders and develop consulting skills, and collaborate across boundaries.

'This programme is unlike any other OD programme; the quality of facilitation, the pace and diversity of the exercises, the underpinning theory is delivered lightly and in stages, and can be related to every OD practitioner’s work. The exposure to real OD problems and the consideration of ways to approach them, all make this the most interactive and thought-provoking experience. I would recommend this programme to all who are interested in OD, in understanding culture and who enjoy working in the field of OD.'

Testimonials Karen Camm, Assistant Director of Education and OD, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

What will I learn?

On this programme you will:

  • have the opportunity to explore new possibilities in taking up your role within a changing context 

  • gain a deeper understanding of the strategies that will enable system-wide change and build organisational resilience

  • develop a range of approaches to enable leaders to collaborate effectively across boundaries

  • create an OD community within the health and social care system that will provide ongoing support

  • develop  an in-depth knowledge of OD approaches successfully deployed in other parts of the health system and the private sector

  • understand the skills and tools to influence the OD agenda at a strategic level

  • gain confidence to lead participative approaches to complex change across your organisation.

Is this course for me?

This programme is for anyone responsible for developing capability to bring about cultural and behavioural change to gain a strategic perspective . You might be an experienced OD and leadership and development practitioner, human resources (HR) professional or a transformation director.

You may be working in any part of the health and social care system including local government, the NHS or a private or voluntary sector provider.

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Pricing and dates

Price: £3,950 +VAT

  • Module one

  • Module two

  • Module three

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Module two of this programme will be delivered online. You will need access to a PC (laptop or desktop) with a microphone and webcam, and a good quality broadband connection. Sessions will be delivered using Microsoft Teams or Zoom so you will need to ensure you can access these on your computer. We also strongly recommend that you access the programme in a quiet environment.

Support for your organisation

Our team of OD practitioners can support you to work with your system by delivering a bespoke offer for your organisation. They can provide expertise in the areas of integrated care systems and primary care networks. Find out more here.


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