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How is the NHS performing? July 2011

Quarterly monitoring report


In the second of our quarterly monitoring reports, John Appleby and Emmi Poteliakhoff examine the current state of the NHS.

Many NHS hospitals will struggle to deliver productivity improvements essential to maintaining quality and avoiding significant cuts to services, according to our latest quarterly monitoring report.

This is the second quarterly monitoring report produced by the Fund as we aim to provide a regular update on how the NHS is coping as it grapples with the evolving reform agenda as well as the more significant challenge of making radical improvements in productivity. It complements our monthly waiting times tracker and is a continuation of work that we have done historically to assess, analyse and report on the performance of the NHS.

What measurements did we use?

We interviewed a panel of NHS finance directors to gauge their opinions on the current state of the NHS and the key issues that their organisations are facing.

The report also includes analysis of the latest NHS key performance data, including:

  • delayed transfers of care

  • hospital-acquired infections

  • workforce and redundancy figures

  • hospital and diagnostic test waiting times.

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