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The 2012 NHS White Paper

This page relates to the 2012 White Paper. You can find out more about the 2021 paper in our explainer.

The White Paper, Equity and Excellence: liberating the NHS, represented one of the biggest shake ups of the health system since the NHS was established. We looked at the issues that it raised, analysed the reforms it suggested and commented on the topics it discussed in both a health care and wider context.

Exploring the NHS White Paper

Equity and Excellence: liberating the NHS outlines the government's vision for the NHS. Here, we look at the NHS White Paper topics in detail and suggest useful resources for further commentary and analysis.

Our videos on the NHS White Paper

John Appleby, Chief Economist at The King's Fund, discusses the government's plans for regulation and the Fund's response to the NHS White Paper.

Guides on commissioning and regulation

The NHS White Paper lays out the coalition government's plans for clinical commissioning and the regulation of heatlh and social care. In this quick guides, we outline the lessons to be learned from previous commissioning models and consider how the proposed regulation plans will affect providers in England.