Advanced OD practitioner programme: health and social care

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Advanced OD practitioner programme

Leaders of organisations across health and social care are being asked to implement new governance arrangements, develop system-wide partnerships and build new models of care, all at a time of intense financial pressure and public scrutiny. It is the responsibility of those working in the OD, change and HR community to ensure that they themselves are ably equipped to provide the interventions and processes to support and facilitate such change.

Who is it for?

This programme is for experienced OD practitioners, leadership and development practitioners, human resources directors and transformation directors who are responsible for developing leadership and organisational capability to bring about cultural and behavioural change.

How will you benefit from this programme?

Participants will:

  • further develop their understanding of their role as OD practitioners in the current health and social care system
  • acquire a greater understanding of the forces and strategies that will enable transformational change
  • develop a range of approaches to enable leaders to collaborate effectively across boundaries
  • develop leading-edge talent and leadership strategies that will enable their organisation to deliver the changes required
  • explore the development of compassionate and collaborative leadership
  • create an OD community within the health and social care system that will provide ongoing support.

What will you do on this programme?

The programme will be highly interactive and experiential. It will draw on the policy expertise of The King’s Fund in areas such as sustainability and transformation plans, integrated care models, patient leadership, and patient safety.

The programme will run over five months and comprise:

  • three modules (two three-day modules (modules one and two) and one two-day module (module three))
  • four half-day telephone action learning sets. These will take place between the three main modules and are intended to support experimentation and implementation of new approaches.

The maximum number of participants will be 24.

Programme structure

Module one: Developing cultures for high-quality care

  • The role of OD
  • Understanding the system
  • Incremental and transformational change
  • Creating the conditions for quality improvement and innovation

Module two: Enabling leaders and encouraging talent

  • Implementing NHS Improvement leadership strategy
  • Engaging the front line: clinicians and experts in the field
  • Compassionate and collaborative leadership: enabling and supporting growth
  • Developing talent strategies

Module three: Collaborating across boundaries

  • Working with the power and politics of the system
  • Deploying large-group processes to build new ways of thinking
  • Creating new patterns of dialogue across boundaries and roles
  • Intra-organisation influencing

The programme will explore OD methodologies and approaches to change including: appreciative inquiry, large-group processes, dialogue, transactional analysis and systems leadership.

Programme team


Sally Hulks

Assistant director, Leadership and organisational development

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