Sustainability and transformation plans in London: an independent analysis of the October 2016 STPs (completed in March 2017)

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Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are key to the future of health and care services. This report, commissioned by the Mayor of London and based on work completed in March 2017, looks at the five STPs in London, their contents and common themes.

The authors, from The King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust, assess the main issues and risks to be addressed across the five plans. They make a small number of recommendations for the future of the STP process in London, focusing specifically on the role of London-wide action in taking forward the plans. A brief update on progress since March 2017 is included.


Pearl Baker

CARER EXPERT BY EXPERIENCEIndependent Mental Health Advocate and Advisor,
Comment date
19 September 2017
If any significant progress is too be made the King's Fund should hold a Conference specifically for those Carers who manage and keep their 'Severely Mentally I'll relatives OUT of Hospital.? with little to know Support or Help..

We are a strong 'Networking 'Group passing on our knowledge to others, many members of Registered Charities who OFTEN do not have the knowledge we have.

Dr Sarah Wollaston Chair of the Health Select Committee re-inforces part of the Care Act 2014 All are entitled to a Personal Budget? a recent survey confirmed very few are in receipt of this? only those Carers in receipt of this knowledge will be successful.

The LGO upheld complaint against a LA for not supporting their client in wearing clean and matching cloths.

A DWP tribunal upheld complaint against the DWP was upheld for not understanding you need to be able to Purchase Prepare and cook fresh food, entitled them to enhanced Care of PIP, previously alltheir Benefits was withdrawn.

If you don't know the basics, their is know point in progressing to any' Care Plans. New or Old.

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