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Hugh Alderwick photo

Hugh Alderwick

Former Senior Policy Adviser to the CEO CEO office

Hugh left The King's Fund in 2018 to take up a new role.

Hugh Alderwick worked in the United States on sabbatical from The King's Fund. He was awarded a Harkness Fellowship in Health Care Policy and Practice 2017/2018 by The Commonwealth Fund in New York. Hugh spent the year carrying out research into the role of health care systems in addressing patients' social needs, working at both the University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley.

Hugh joined The King's Fund in 2014 as Senior Policy Advisor to Chris Ham. He has published research and analysis on a range of topics - including NHS reform, integrated care and population health, and opportunities for the NHS to improve value for money. He provided policy advice to organisations within the NHS and carried out a review for the Department of Health on measuring the performance of local health systems in 2015.

Prior to joining The King's Fund, Hugh was a management consultant working with the NHS. He also worked on Sir John Oldham's Independent Commission on Whole Person Care, established by the Shadow Secretary of State for Health in 2013. The Commission looked at how NHS and social care services could be better integrated to meet people's physical, social and mental health needs, and made recommendations for policy and practice.