Shaping the future of digital technology in health and social care

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This report, commissioned by the Health Foundation, provides a summary of evidence for how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, smartphones, wearable devices and the internet of things are being used within care settings around the world.

The authors analyse the available evidence around the use of these technologies to support leaders in health and care to engage in long-term thinking about the role of digital technology. The report looks back at recent developments in digital technology in the health and care system before the Covid-19 pandemic, supplemented by the Fund’s evidence-gathering on how digital technologies have been used during the pandemic, in England in particular. It also considers a set of potential futures to distil factors driving change and what this means for leaders now. 

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Doinita Nechita

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13 December 2022

thank you for letting me read the report and information regarding technologies and innovation in healthcare.

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