A vision for population health in England

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About this project

The King’s Fund is a respected commentator on public health and wider population issues, and in recent years our work in this area has included in-depth research, support for local authorities and district councils, data analysis and events. Recent work includes research on the wider determinants of health (for example, links between housing and health), inequalities, the future of HIV services in England, public health funding, and the move from integrated care to population health systems.

This project aims to consolidate and build on our previous work programme by setting out a vision for population health. We will use this vision to inform and influence the debate about the future of population health and to shape our own work programme.

In developing our vision, we will consider:

  • how to define population health
  • key trends likely to affect public health over the next 10–15 years
  • strengths and weakness of the current system
  • a framework for action on population health
  • changes needed to realise our vision, including resources, accountability and system management at national and local levels

What we're doing

This work will be informed by:

  • a review of key documents and public health datasets
  • a series of engagement events with system leaders, organisations that support the system and those involved in delivering population health
  • a workshop to test findings
  • an advisory group made up of key leaders and experts from the public health system, NHS, and voluntary and community sector

Key milestones

The report was published in November 2018. 

Project team

David Buck, Senior Fellow in Public Health, d.buck@kingsfund.org.uk
Alex Baylis, Assistant Director, Policy a.baylis@kingsfund.org.uk
Clare Sutherland, Project Delivery Officer, c.sutherland@kingsfund.org.uk
Durka Dougall, Senior Consultant, d.dougall@kingsfund.org.uk
Ruth Robertson, Fellow in Health Policy, r.robertson@kingsfund.org.uk

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