Schwartz Center Rounds®

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Schwartz Center Rounds® provide a monthly, one-hour session for staff from all disciplines to discuss difficult emotional and social issues arising from patient care.

Our work

The King's Fund piloted Schwartz Center Rounds® in the NHS from 2009-13. This work is now being being continued by The Point of Care Foundation.

About the Schwartz Center Rounds®

Developed by The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, the Rounds support staff to provide compassionate care.

The King's Fund piloted Rounds at the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust and at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Evaluation of both UK pilots suggested that the success the Rounds have had in the US can be replicated in the UK.

Staff stories

Schwartz Center Rounds® staff stories

Staff at the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust talk about the benefits of holding Schwartz Center Rounds® sessions at their hospital.

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Barbara Wren explains how Schwartz Center Rounds® work

Barbara Wren, Facilitator of Schwartz Center Rounds® at The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust, explains how the Rounds work, who presents them and the topics that are discussed.

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Marjorie Stanzler discusses the pilot Rounds taking place in England

Marjorie Stanzler, Director of Programs at the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center, Boston, talks about the programme and the pilot Rounds taking place in England.

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