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Schwartz Center Rounds®: evaluation of the UK pilots


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    Joanna Goodrich

In 2009 The Point of Care entered into an agreement with the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare (in Boston, United States) to pilot Schwartz Center Rounds® in the UK.

The Rounds have been held in hospitals in the United States for 14 years and have expanded to more than 225 sites. Rounds provide a forum for staff from a range of disciplines to meet once a month (or every other month) to explore together some of the challenging psychosocial and emotional issues that arise in caring for patients.

This paper draws together three types of evaluation: the feedback from participants after each Round; a pre- and post-pilot survey (first year of Rounds) completed by Rounds participants; and qualitative interviews with key members of staff in both trusts.

Results show that it is clear that the Rounds:

  • have successfully transferred to England

  • are firmly established and ongoing, with support from the top of the organisations

  • have demonstrated a need

  • are greatly valued by the staff who participate (Rounds were given a mean rating of excellent/exceptional by 70 per cent of all participants).