Healthy places and communities: a 2020–24 strategic priority

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Health and wellbeing are profoundly shaped by what happens in places and communities and by how the services operating in a place interconnect. The Covid-19 pandemic has provided a clear illustration of the importance of close partnership-working in local places between health and care organisations, local government and others, and has also underlined the vital role played by communities and the voluntary  and community sector in supporting health and wellbeing.

What do we want to achieve?

The purpose of our work on healthier places and communities is to support effective place-based working that leads to improved health and wellbeing. Place-based working means working together to ensure local people benefit from approaches that draw on the full range of resources available in a place – including public services, voluntary and community sector  organisations, and the strengths and assets of communities themselves.

The programme will work to achieve change including:

  • communities having more power to drive improvements in the health and care outcomes that matter most to them
  • better partnership-working and alignment between local authorities, the NHS and the voluntary and community sector  – allowing local needs to be met in a more co-ordinated way
  • national policies, regulatory structures and funding flows designed in a way that reinforces effective place-based working.

What will the programme focus on?

In 2021, we will work to:

  • support the development of place-based partnerships, integrated care systems and primary care networks
  • understand the role of local health and care organisations in helping places recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • explore the role of community-led action during and after the pandemic and the steps that can be taken by health and care organisations to strengthen it
  • developing meaningful local measures of success that incorporate patient and service user perspectives.

Resources and key projects

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Lessons from the Wigan Deal

This project examined how and why the Wigan Deal was developed, how it has been put into practice, and what others might learn from it.

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Chris Naylor

Programme lead, Healthy places and communities