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Technology in the NHS

Transforming the patient's experience of care


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    Alasdair Liddell

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    Stephen Adshead

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    Ellen Burgess

Technology is widely used in many areas of life, and the NHS Next Stage Review highlighted the role that technology can play in improving health outcomes.

However, the use of everyday technologies such as email and online booking systems is poor in the health service.

This report aims to improve the uptake by analysing the main barriers to adoption and suggesting measures to overcome them. It sets out an ideal scenario for the use of health care technology and the potential benefits to patients. Using examples from other sectors, it makes recommendations at national and local level to encourage the use of technology.

Technology in the NHS: Transforming the patient's experience of care was commissioned by The King's Fund from a team of consultants from 'What If', with expert advice from Alasdair Liddell, who is an associate of 'What If' and a senior associate at The King's Fund, and invaluable support from NHS Direct.