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How is the NHS performing? May 2012

Quarterly monitoring report

This quarter's monitoring report looks back at how the NHS performed during the first year of the spending squeeze.


The key findings are:

  • the national financial position is positive and has been assisted by a pay freeze and control of tariff

  • many organisations have not delivered their cost improvement programmes (CIPs) but have still achieved a surplus or broken even

  • the NHS as a whole continues to deliver on key national targets but there are increasing numbers of organisations failing to do so on some – such as maximum waits in accident and emergency (A&E) departments

  • finance directors foresee increasing challenges in continuing to deliver CIPs at the level required.

This is the fifth quarterly monitoring report produced by the Fund as we aim to provide a regular update on how the NHS is coping as it grapples with the evolving reform agenda as well as the more significant challenge of making radical improvements in productivity. It is a continuation of our work to assess, analyse and report on the performance of the NHS.