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The King's Fund's priorities for health and care at the next general election

In the run up to the anticipated general election, The King’s Fund will explore what national government can do to improve health and care in England, consider political parties’ policy proposals, and make sense of the national debate.

The health and care system is facing profound challenges, while public satisfaction with the NHS and social care services is at an all-time low. The next election is a critical moment for politicians to explain how they plan to overcome these challenges, enhance services and improve health.

As political parties prepare for the general election, The King’s Fund has identified three priorities where national action from a future government will help ‘fix’ the NHS and social care and improve people’s health. These are:

  • improve access to out-of-hospital care

  • make careers in health and social care more attractive

  • tackle the biggest risk factors affecting people’s health.

On these pages you can find more detail on these priorities, our analysis of party policies, and content to help make sense of the debate around health and care.

Our general election priorities

Other election content