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What is a 'population health' approach? And what role do we all play in keeping our communities healthy? Watch our animation to find out.

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About this animation

With thanks to Ruth Robertson for narrating this animation and David Buck, Durka Dougall and Alex Baylis for devising the content. Thank you to Mosaic Motion for design and production.

Meera and John are fictional, as is the town where the animation is set. Our aim was to create something that would demonstrate some aspects of the approach to population health, but we recognise there are many ways of approaching it, and that many organisations, people and communities are involved in delivering it. We're keen to work with others to support this as an integrated approach to health and care.

A note on asthma inhaler usage: the feature of an inhaler in this animation illustrates an example of a population health scenario and is not meant to be an accurate representation of a clinical condition. For guidance on using an inhaler, please visit the Transformation Partners in Health and Care website.


Leadership for Population Health

Take this course to support your to improve the health of your local population.

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