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Transforming care for people with long-term conditions: the role of partnership working

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, partnership and collaboration between the NHS, patient and community organisations, and the life-sciences sector has been vital in enabling the system to adapt quickly and effectively to new challenges.

In this online event, we explored how this approach can be embedded to support system recovery and enable transformation, particularly where Covid-19 has led to significant disruption of services for people with long-term conditions. We identified the challenges and opportunities people with long-term conditions face in securing good-quality, person-centred care, as well as the role of innovation in supporting early intervention, ensuring access to care in the right place at the right time and reducing pressures on hospital services.

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  • Ruth Robertson photo

    Ruth Robertson

    Senior Fellow
  • Johnson Yan Ning Neo photo

    Johnson Yan Ning Neo

    Visiting Fellow
  • Amy Bowen photo

    Amy Bowen

    Director of System Improvement, North London Partners in Health and Care
  • Todd Manning photo

    Todd Manning

    Vice President and General Manager, AbbVie
  • Wendy Broderick photo

    Wendy Broderick

    Person with lived experience of multiple long-term conditions
  • Lindsey Hughes photo

    Lindsey Hughes

    Director of Policy and Strategy, Innovation, Research and Life Sciences Group, NHS England and NHS Improvement