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Technology and the NHS estate: planning to support new models of care

Free event
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This free online event explored the potential impacts of new technology on the NHS estate. In particular, the speakers considered the following questions.

  • What types of technology are likely to have an impact on the NHS estate?

  • What opportunities and challenges does new technology create for the estate?

  • How can long-term planning enable organisations to change the outcomes of care? 

  • What needs to happen next?

The speakers discussed what’s currently happening in the NHS and shared case studies from those already making strides towards successfully integrating estates and technology planning. 

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  • Headshot of Siva Anandaciva

    Siva Anandaciva

    Chief Analyst
  • Karina Dare photo

    Karina Dare

    Principal Portfolio Optimisation Manager, NHS Property Services
  • Robert Broad

    Robert Broad

    Senior Consultant, Hospital Integration and Planning Solutions, Philips Healthcare International Business
  • Adam Wright photo

    Adam Wright

    Senior Policy Officer, NHS Providers