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Changing behaviours: what is available and what works?

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How do you motivate people to stop smoking, or persuade the population to vaccinate against influenza? 

The desire to improve public health and answer questions like these is driving the use of behavioural science to address traditionally challenging issues, such as the uptake of screening programmes, vaccinations, infection prevention and healthy eating. 

This online event focused on the approaches that work, and how they can be scaled up, including real-life examples of how behavioural science can be used to motivate the public to change how they think about their health, lead healthier lifestyles and identify problems earlier.

Our panellists discussed how we can understand behaviour in its context, how we can identify the opportunities to elicit change, and how we can choose what to implement and measure change. 

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  • Dan Wellings photo

    Dan Wellings

    Senior Fellow
  • Richard Fordham Picture

    Professor Richard Fordham

    Professor of Public Health Economics, University of East Anglia
  • Katherine Brown Picture

    Professor Katherine Brown

    Professor of Health Psychology Applied to Public Health, Coventry University
  • Sam Haskell photo

    Sam Haskell

    Head of Team, Prevention Green Paper, Department of Health and Social Care
  • Dr Tim Chadborn, Head of Behavioural Insights and Evaluation Lead, Public Health England

    Dr Tim Chadborn

    Head of Behavioural Insights and Evaluation Lead, Public Health England