Women and medical leadership infographics

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We explore some key facts and figures around women and medical leadership.

These infographics are for you to use and share – please just mention The King's Fund when you do so.

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#410906 Duncan Enright
Head of Healthcare Practice

Good for the King's Fund to highlight this issue. It speaks to the culture we need to create in the NHS: one in which respect, innovation and creativity are encouraged; leaders are emotionally intelligent and work beyond the ego; and work-life balance for both women and men is managed well. A healthier mix of women and men in all levels of the NHS will help.

#543274 shabir ahmad

need a job

#543275 Umesh Prabhu
Wrightington Wigan and Leigh FT

NHS needs good leaders who uphold the values of NHS. It is not about men versus women or BME versus White. It is all about having right leaders to do the right job. For any society both positive and negative discrimination is bad. Sadly NHS has club culture, old boys network, bullying, discrimination and harassment. In such a culture many wrong leaders are appointed and those who have excellent leadership abilities and skills are either not appointed or do not come forward to take on these roles.

I joined Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh FT as MD in 2010 and we defined our values, appointed value based leaders, implemented excellent governance, with robust staff and patient engagement we have transformed the Trust. Value based leaders always uphold values of NHS, put patients at the heart and work with staff and create excellent culture. Leaders job is to appoint right people to do right job and create a culture and climate where every staff feel happy and proud to work.

In value based leadership diversity thrives and leaders are appointed only on the basis of merit. It is our staff who told me consultants with high values. It is those consultants who put patients at the heart, good team players, respect everyone and nice human beings and true role models.

Sadly many consultants who want to be leaders and those who management and leaders appoint as leaders may not be the right leaders for patients, staff and NHS. NHS leadership strategy has to change and we must appoint only value based leaders who themselves are kind, caring and compassionate and look after both patients and staff very well. In such a culture patients, staff and NHS is safer and better.

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