Ruth Carnall: creating the authority for system leadership

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  • Posted:Thursday 10 September 2015

Listen to Dame Ruth Carnall talking about system leadership at the first of our 2015 series of leadership lectures.

Dame Ruth Carnall is Director of Carnall Farrar and former Chief Executive of NHS London.


Pearl Baker

Independent Mental Health Advocate and Advisor/Carer,
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12 September 2015
I attended the Lecture and forwarded my interpretation of it's content. (no reply)
The Lecture was interesting, but the contents were not new, accept the comment of 'fear' of your career prospects if you raised any concerns!

My comments towards the Neglect of those severely mentally ill placed in Supported Unregulated Accommodation did rally some support from another employee of the 'establishment' from the learning disability field.

The response I thought went like this... it is difficult to support across all the various groups due to finance, and choices have to be made? correct me if this is incorrect.

'working in partnership with others' 'integration is essential we know this, but not worked out how to implement due to the failure of the establishment to understand you cannot do it without 'OUR' help, we are 'grass root' workers 'picking up the pieces of a failed system.

Manchester 'experiment' appears to be on a 'deadline' of reforms, but will or can it deliver?

My final comment is this 'how can you 'Create the authority for systems leadership' if you do not have the experience or expertise in understanding what this actually means?

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