Working with patients, service users, carers and the public

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We believe that developing a more collaborative relationship with patients, service users and individuals is important to:

  • give us a more rounded view and depth of understanding of health policy and leadership
  • help to ensure our work resonates with the issues people feel are important in health and care
  • model the values that we encourage in the health and care system.

Our approach to involving people in our work

We aim to:

  • actively consider the role of patients and opportunities for involvement in planning all our work
  • involve people in ways that are meaningful to them as well as us
  • include as diverse a range of voices as possible 
  • support the people we involve, being clear about what we are asking of them and what they can expect of us
  • support staff to develop skills in working with patients 
  • share our learning, try things out, and seek and act on feedback from people we involve.

What have we done so far?

Some of the ways we have involved and worked collaboratively with patients include:

  • aiming to have at least one patient on the agenda of our conferences, either chairing, presenting, facilitating or on a panel and, where possible, asking advice from patients on suggestions for speakers and content for the day
  • involving patients and carers in our research where possible, for example in our research on HIV services 
  • running the Leading collaboratively with patients and communities programme, bringing together clinicians, managers, patients and service users to explore how different roles and perspectives can be a constructive force for change
  • inviting patients to contribute to our publications and blog, and seeking their views to inform the development of our new website
  • answering enquiries from patients and the public as part of our library service 
  • providing free bursary places so that a range of patients and carers have the opportunity to contribute to our conferences and events.