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Online exhibition

Go straight to our online exhibition, created by Tottenham Rights, showcasing the lived experience of Black communities in relation to structural racism within health and social care.


The King's Fund was proud to host the Open Wounds exhibition in its building from October 2022 to March 2023. This is an online version of that exhibition.

Created and developed by Tottenham Rights, the exhibition explores the connections between health, racism and inequalities, and how this has affected generations of Black people. It does so through the eyes of the Black community themselves. 

Who are Tottenham Rights?

Tottenham Rights is a community-led initiative that address issues around social injustice and structural racial inequalities in Tottenham and beyond. The Director of Tottenham Rights, Stafford Scott, is a trusted engagement expert whose lived experience and development has placed him in a central position in Black British race advocacy. He has worked within the NHS and in the then Department of Health, as a race equality consultant and is a frequent facilitator on The King’s Fund's Top Manager Programme (TMP). His most recent exhibition was the ground-breaking War inna Babylon at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, which looked into the systemic racism within the police force and judicial system. 

What is Open Wounds?

Open Wounds is an online exhibition hosted by The King’s Fund that highlights the lived experience of Black communities in relation to structural racism within health and social care in the UK and health inequalities. This exhibition challenges power dynamics and encourages people to reflect on their roles in implementing change.

Through words and images, the exhibition chronicles the lived experience of Black communities from the days of the slave trade, through to the foundation of the NHS and the arrival of the Windrush generation, and on to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The interview series, directed by Kamara and Stafford Scott, is a set of facilitated discussions between patients with long-term health conditions and senior health care professionals, to create a dialogue based on their lived experiences and the impact of poor health services received by some Black individuals.   

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