What we do

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Our vision is that the best possible health and care is available to all.

We aim to be a catalyst for change and to inspire improvements in health and care by:

  • generating and sharing ideas and evidence
  • offering rigorous analysis and independent challenge
  • bringing people together to discuss, share and learn
  • supporting and developing people, teams and organisations
  • helping people to make sense of the health and care system.

Our work involves understanding developments, challenges and opportunities across health and care. We use this understanding to influence policy and practice and to help people navigate the complexity of the systems in which they operate. We understand that our vision can only be achieved through collective action involving many organisations and sectors, so we seek to collaborate with and learn from a broad range of partners – including local and national NHS organisations, local government, people using health and care services, the voluntary and community sectors and others – working together to achieve our goals.