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Commissioning our policy, research and advisory services

The King’s Fund works with a number of organisations in health, social care and other sectors on a range of policy, research and advisory projects. This work allows us to maintain close links with these sectors and to put our research into practice while raising additional revenues to support our charitable activities and fund further research.

If you’d like to get in touch with us for more information on how we could work together, please contact [email protected].

What we offer

Our teams offer a range of policy, research and advisory services, and our commissioned work includes:

  • Research and consultancy

  • Policy briefs

  • Reports and long reads

  • Explainers

  • Bespoke training

We’re always to looking to improve and refine the service offering we have, and will work with our commissioners to deliver the most impactful output, so this list isn’t exhaustive. Please get in touch with our team on [email protected] for more information.

Our expertise

We offer a broad range of expertise drawn from our work as a public policy think tank, our research on service improvement, and our support for leadership and culture change. This includes:

  • an understanding of the health and social care landscape, from government policy to the challenges facing frontline services

  • expertise in health and care policy, leadership and culture, and service delivery including perspectives from academics, economists, strategists and practitioners

  • an experienced in-house team of researchers and analysts, as well as knowledge services and our own databases

  • relationships with individuals across health and social care including government, regulators, commissioners, providers, representative bodies and service users

  • communications, marketing and press expertise

  • a reputation for objectivity, impartiality and fairness, and with it, the ability to bring stakeholders together and build consensus on shared challenges.

Our clients and projects

In recent years, we have carried out a broad range of advisory projects including:

  • How does the NHS compare to the health care systems of other countries?

    Comparing the health care systems of different countries can help us assess how the UK health care system is performing and where it could improve. Our new report found that the NHS is n...

  • Dentistry in England explained

    NHS dentistry is a pillar of the primary care system. But how is dentistry organised in England? In our explainer we explore the service's structure, commissioning and contracting, NHS d...

  • Cardiovascular disease in England

    This report aims to inform and support national and local leaders to take action to accelerate progress on tackling cardiovascular disease (CVD).

  • Integrated care systems in London: challenges and opportunities ahead

    Commissioned by the Greater London Authority, this report looks at how the five integrated care systems in London were developing before Covid-19 and how this has changed as a result of ...