How is the NHS performing? January 2012: Quarterly monitoring report

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Part of Quarterly monitoring report (QMR)

Our fourth quarterly monitoring report provides a regular update on how the NHS is coping as it grapples with the evolving reform agenda.

Many NHS hospitals will struggle to deliver productivity improvements essential to maintaining quality and avoiding significant cuts to services, according to our latest quarterly monitoring report.

This is the fourth quarterly monitoring report produced by the Fund as we aim to provide a regular update on how the NHS is coping as it grapples with the evolving reform agenda as well as the more significant challenge of making radical improvements in productivity. It is a continuation of work that we have done historically to assess, analyse and report on the performance of the NHS.


Sidney Harman

Comment date
04 May 2012
The waitng times for treatment are said to be about16 weeks. This is the time when GPs referred patients to hospitals and getting appointments from specialist clinics. There are no figures for those who are on the waiting list for operation.
My consultant decided that I need ear surgery 15 Months ago. I am still waiting for my surgey. I had a similar operation about 20 years ago. Then , I had to wait 18 months for the surgery. I seems to me, 20 years on, the waiting times for surgery have not improved

John Newbert

Comment date
01 May 2012
I had Heart Attack 20/03/2012 waiting to have a stent told it could be jJune 2012.I am concerned that I may have another heart attack.


Comment date
10 April 2012
It is now 2012, waiting times at my local, for some of us has gone from 22 - 25 mins to between one and two hours! how is that for progress, and their is no one to turn to. This new Harness Commission does not seem very patient oriented.

Valerie Meakin

Retired but very busy!,
Comment date
23 February 2012
I am waiting for a hip replacement and am sad to learn that waiting lists are growing longer. In my case from diagnosis to operation will be four months.
Surely something can be done to speed up appointments, diagnosis and treatment? It is causing considerable distress and pain having to suffer long waits for treatment /operations.


Comment date
15 February 2012
I find the focus on hospital in patient waiting times distressing. There are so many people waiting for community-based intervention for much longer than they should. My husband has been waiting almost a year for CBT

Diane Hain

Not working
Comment date
30 January 2012
I am very interested in these figures. I watch with trepidation as the NHS Bill gets closer and closer to becoming law. I would very much like as much information as possible to get a clear picture of what is happening and these reports are particularly important.

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