The King's Fund's response to plans for the future public health system in England

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In a letter to Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and Professor Chris Witty, Chief Medical Officer, we set our views on plans for the future public health system in England following the publication of Transforming the public health system: reforming the public health system for the challenges of our times.

In the letter, we set out both our support for the government’s intentions for the public health system, prevention and wider population health, and some risks that need mitigating. We focus on four areas: the cross-government role in population health; priorities and risks around the Office for Health Promotion; the need for, and role of, a regional structure; and accountability at all levels of the system, as well as broader risks in transition, workforce development and funding. 

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Stephanie Beales

Severely disabled,
Comment date
24 June 2021

What about Lung disease Copd and multiple health conditions those already suffering struggle with what about our mobility support the severely disabled need support to manage there conditions
This is a battle everyday getting out of breath and worrying about covid and delayed therapys and operations

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