The Health and Care Act 2022: our work to inform and make sense of the legislation

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Why we undertook this project

The 2022 Health and Care Act introduced new legislative measures that aim to make it easier for health and care organisations to deliver joined-up care for people who rely on multiple different services, building on earlier recommendations by NHS England and NHS Improvement.  

The King’s Fund has spent many years making the case for integrated care and worked to inform the new legislation. We also focused on other aspects of the reforms, pushing for stronger action to support the health and care workforce, arguing the need for a fairer social care system, successfully encouraging government to make tackling inequalities a key aim of the NHS, and advising government on necessary safeguards around ministerial powers to intervene in service changes.

Here you can find some of our content and commentary aimed at helping you to make sense of the Health and Care Act, as well as our recent work on integrated care.