Choice at the end of life

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Marie Curie Delivering Choice Programme

What did we do in this project?

Aimed at those responsible for commissioning and organising end-of-life care services at a local level, the final report, Implementing the End of Life Care Strategy: lessons for good practice, has now been published.

The findings from this research demonstrated the importance of partnership working across health and social care providers, to ensure that patients who are nearing the end of life can be cared for holistically in the community setting. Support for patients at the end of life is frequently provided by district nurses, GPs and other community providers. It is essential that these health care professionals work together with specialist palliative care services to ensure that they feel skilled and confident in delivering this care.

Why are we interested in this piece of work?

The King’s Fund has been working with Marie Curie Cancer Care to evaluate its Delivering Choice Programme. The programme aims to develop services that help patients to make free and informed choices about where they're treated and where they wish to die.

A number of projects have been set up across the UK. The evaluation results have been fed back to and shared across these sites so that they can develop a culture of reflective practice and improve their service delivery.

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