The Spending Review is 'unlikely to be enough to address health and care pressures': The King's Fund responds to the Spending Review

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Responding to the Chancellor’s Spending Review, Sally Warren, Director of Policy at The King’s Fund, said:

‘This Spending Review is an understandable attempt to balance the need to invest in health and care services as they emerge from the pandemic with the stark economic reality we find ourselves in.

‘The planned investment in health and social care is welcome given the wider financial situation. However, it is unlikely to be enough to address the pressures faced by services across the country, which are likely to require more emergency funding next year. Funding for social care in particular falls a long way short of what is needed to meet the needs of service users, their families and carers, let alone reform the system. Leaders across health and social care will need support from national government as they face some very tough choices in the year ahead.

‘The lack of funding for a multi-year health and care workforce strategy is disappointing and will make it difficult for the government to fulfil their manifesto commitments, such as the promised 50,000 extra nurses. This will only add to the uncertainty and pressure faced by health and care services.’

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