The King’s Fund response to Care Quality Commission's State of care report

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Commenting on the Care Quality Commission’s State of care report, Richard Murray, Chief Executive of The King’s Fund, said:

‘The most concerning aspect of this new report is that few of its findings come as a surprise. Health inequalities were already widening before the pandemic and for several years this report has provided an annual warning to governments about the crisis in adult social care. Yet still we wait for the government to act on the longstanding promises of reform.

‘It is time for a reset in public policy to tackle deeply entrenched health inequalities. As health and care staff brace for the second wave of Covid-19, ministers and national leaders must initiate a discussion about the fundamental changes that will create a healthier and fairer society beyond the pandemic. This is essential if the government is to deliver on its promise to "level up" between rich and poor areas.

‘The pandemic has increased the urgency with which long-overlooked challenges need to be addressed. Ahead of the oft-promised reform of social care funding, there is an immediate need for short-term funding to stabilise the beleaguered sector and support providers to implement adequate infection control.

‘Throughout the pandemic, health and care staff have demonstrated remarkable dedication, ingenuity and resilience. To ensure their continued commitment and safeguard the quality of future services, it is essential that the government uses the Spending Review to provide the multi-year funding needed to meet its manifesto commitments to boost staff numbers.’

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