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Leading well for staff health and wellbeing in the NHS


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Three weeks

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented pressures on the health and social care workforce and is now compounding longstanding inequalities and challenges among staff. The role of a manager and leader in protecting, supporting and promoting the health and wellbeing of staff has, therefore, never been more necessary and urgent. 

In our free, online, three-week course you’ll develop your understanding of your own health and wellbeing and learn to better lead and support your colleagues, team and organisation. 

Even if many of the forces that can, and do, undermine workforce health in the NHS are beyond the gift of any individual to change or even influence, there are still things that managers and leaders can do to create cultures of care that foster wellbeing and create better mental and physical health among colleagues. 

Who is it for?

Leaders, at all levels, working in the NHS. This includes but is not confined to: 

  • aspiring managers and leaders 

  • clinical and managerial leaders 

  • senior leaders 

  • team leaders and managers. 

Programme team

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to: 

  • understand and describe the impact of stress and poor health on staff wellbeing and team performance in the workplace 

  • recognise that the relationship you have to your own health and wellbeing is central to how you take up your leadership and relate to the health and wellbeing of others 

  • understand the role of unacknowledged dynamics and systemic forces in shaping health outcomes for staff 

  • identify the various human needs that must be met in the workplace to support and promote staff health and wellbeing 

  • understand what effective action on staff health and wellbeing looks like 

  • recognise the skills and qualities central to leadership that is humane, compassionate and effective in the current context 

  • reflect on your own performance, capacity and skills as a manager and/or leader. 

How will you learn?

Start learning straight away on this free self-guided course. Once you enrol, you will have three weeks to complete the course at your own pace. Delivered via FutureLearn, you'll have the opportunity to meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions at every stage of your learning.


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Develop your understanding of your own health and wellbeing and learn to better lead and support your colleagues, team and organisation .

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