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GSK Community Health programme: supporting small charities tackling health inequalities

The programme is open to registered charities that are at least a year old, located and working in the UK with a total annual income between £20,000 and £150,000. Up to 15 charities will receive up to £10,000, plus access to training and development valued at £3,500.

About the programme

Health inequalities are avoidable and systematic differences that include access to care, quality and experience of care, life expectancy, and wider factors such as environment and housing. There are stark gaps in health between the least and most deprived areas in the UK, with the cost-of-living squeeze and rising poverty impacting many people’s health.

We know that a huge amount of work tackling health inequalities is carried out by very small charities working closely with their communities. We also know it can be hard for these organisations to access unrestricted funding as well as support for their leaders to do this essential work. Organisations led by and supporting the most disadvantaged communities – such as those supporting ethnic minority communities, people with disabilities, people from the LGBTQ+ community, and others – are particularly encouraged to apply for this programme.

The GSK Community Health programme will support aspirational leaders who want to develop their organisations to tackle health inequalities. It is designed to run alongside the GSK IMPACT Awards and support the next generation of award winners. We know from our long history with the GSK IMPACT Awards that the combination of funding and leadership support can make a real difference and help a charity realise its ambitions.

Why apply?


Up to 15 organisations will receive up to £10,000 in unrestricted funding.

The leadership programme

The charities that are offered funding will be invited to attend an online leadership programme. Up to 15 places are available, valued at £3,500 a place. The programme will be delivered by The King’s Fund and provide participants with the opportunity to develop their capability and confidence to lead both operationally and strategically. Taking part in the programme will require time and commitment, and it may not be right for everyone.

This is what small charities said about a recent leadership programme and funding from GSK/The King’s Fund:

‘A remarkable practical course both personally and professionally ... overall a great investment of time and game changer for the charities.’

‘Excellent resources. Passionate and informed presenters that engaged participants with care.’

‘It is one of the best things I have ever done.’

‘The energy I gained from speaking to the other leaders will stay with me for a long time.’

The focus of the leadership programme will be on supporting participants to reflect on and pay attention to how they present themselves as a leader, and what supports and gets in the way of them being effective and successful in their role. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of developing the skills, qualities and practices that enable leaders to build the relationships and hold the quality of conversations that enable them to achieve their personal and organisational aspirations and goals.

There is an expectation that participants will come with an openness and willingness to challenge their thinking, reflect on and develop their leadership practice, and collaborate together to build a supportive learning community.

Who can apply?

To be eligible, organisations must be:

  • within the income band for the programme – the charity must have a total annual income between £20,000 and £150,000, as shown in its most recent accounts. If your organisation’s income is above £150,000, you may be eligible to apply for the GSK IMPACT Awards

  • able to demonstrate how they are tackling health inequalities in their community (this can be defined as a geographical community or a community of interest)

  • a registered charity by the deadline for applications 5.00pm on Monday 12 August 2024 – the organisation must also have existed for a minimum of one year by this date

  • working, located and registered in the UK

  • independently constituted from any national umbrella organisation.

We are interested in your whole charity, so please tell us about the work you do across your organisation. Applications that only focus on a particular project will not be shortlisted.

GSK and The King’s Fund actively encourage organisations to apply that are led by and support people from under-represented backgrounds, people from ethnic minority communities, people with disabilities, and people from the LGBTQ+ community. We want people to bring their unique blend of experiences, backgrounds, perspectives and knowledge as we recognise that diversity makes us stronger.

How to apply

If you experience problems viewing any of the documents, please email: [email protected]

Timetable for applications

  • Deadline for application is 5.00pm on Monday 12 August 2024

  • Decisions by mid-October 2024

  • Leadership programme: individual conversations with facilitation team (November/ December 2024)

  • Leadership programme: January to spring 2025 (programme dates TBC)