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End-of-life care: why we need to talk about dying


  • Lesley Goodburn, Professor Bee Wee CBE

    Lesley Goodburn

  • Professor Bee Wee CBE

    Professor Bee Wee CBE

  • John Powell MBE

    John Powell MBE

  • Angie Arnold

    Angie Arnold

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What needs to happen to make sure everyone gets the care and support they need as they approach the end of their lives? Ruth Robertson speaks to Lesley Goodburn, Professor Bee Wee CBE, John Powell MBE and Angie Arnold to find out more.

Please note that this episode explores experiences of death and dying that may be distressing. If you've been affected by any of the issues raised in this podcase, we've put together a list of organisations that can offer advice, information and support.

With special thanks to Lesley Goodburn for generously sharing her and her husband Seth's experiences with us. You can find out more about Lesley and Seth's story by watching Homeward Bound, a play that shares their journey from the first signs of Seth's illness, through diagnosis, care and treatment and after Seth's death.