The King's Fund house style

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The aim of a house style is to ensure that a professional, consistent image of The King’s Fund is presented in all written materials. This guide includes some guidance on basic grammar and also agreed spellings where there is more than one acceptable spelling. House style is not usually about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways, just about consistent ways.

English is a living language and so is constantly changing; we will aim to update the style guide to reflect changes in usage. Feel free to contact the publishing team (Mary Jean Pritchard, ext 2589, or Lisa Oxlade ext 2591) if you have any comments on the format, what it covers, and what you think could usefully be included.

Other information


The five most common house style errors

  1. Various mis-stylings of The King's Fund
  2. 'Healthcare' spelt as one word - it should be health care
  3. Government with a capital - it should be government
  4. e.g. with full points - it should be without them: eg
  5. 'Whilst' rather than 'while'.