Using digital technology to transform care pathways

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Digital technology has already transformed how services are offered, accessed and used. Technology has enabled changes around the flow of information – not only between patient and clinician but also among staff working in different parts of the system – that help to ensure patients can access care from the right person in the right place at the right time. 

This event explored national strategy for virtual services and pathway redesign, with a focus on virtual dermatology services through the lens of England and NHS Improvement's (NHSEI’s) national teledermatology investment programme. As with many health services, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased pressure on dermatology services, creating an urgent need and significant potential to improve dermatology referral pathways with digital technology. We explored how national investment has supported regions to develop their virtual dermatology offers and how different parts of the system prioritise, implement and track different innovations to meet their local needs and improve outcomes. We provided an opportunity to share how experiences and lessons from dermatology offer wider learning across the NHS to continue empowering patients and supporting clinicians to create patient-centred care, leading to improved health outcomes.  
This non-promotional event was held in partnership with, and has been financially supported by NHS South, Central and West. 

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This event was held in partnership with NHS South Central and West. If you're interested in partnering with us on an online event please email Kieran at or call him on 020 7307 2485.

We would also like to thank The Digital Care Models Team, Transformation Directorate, NHS England and NHS Improvement for their support of this event.

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Joni Jabbal

Senior Researcher, The King’s Fund

Maxine Bowen-Hall photo

Maxine Bowen-Hall

Programme Manager – Digital, NHS South, Central and West

Dr James Halpern photo

Dr James Halpern

Consultant Dermatologist and Clinical Director Dermatology, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust & The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Inara Khan photo

Inara Khan

Deputy Director for Digital Elective Care, NHS England & NHS Improvement

Christopher McIlveen photo

Christopher McIlveen

Patient & Public Voice Partner for NHS England Transformation Directorate, NHS England & NHS Improvement

Dr Tracey O'Shea

Dr Tracey O’Shea

Dermatology Service Clinical Lead, SDSmyhealthcare