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Tackling antimicrobial resistance: why now and what next?

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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a clear and growing threat to health. Antibiotics are the cornerstone of modern medicine, but AMR has implications for the effective treatment of an increasing range of infections, with potential consequences for the future of health services not just in the UK but across the world.

This free online event provided an opportunity to discuss why AMR matters, the impact of the UK’s approach to tackling it so far, and what more needs to be done.

This event took place in the context of the government’s 20-year vision for antimicrobial resistance and ongoing work to develop the upcoming 2024–29 national action plan for AMR as the current action plan comes to an end.

This panel discussion brought together experts to discuss:

  • past and current efforts to tackle AMR in the UK and their impact – such as supporting the optimisation of antibiotic prescribing, developing new antibiotics, and improving the pipeline, and maximising the use of diagnostics

  • the impact UK actions can have on a global issue such as AMR and stewardship at an international level

  • what more should the UK be doing, how to understand the barriers that prevent effective action, and the levers that are available to drive progress as the UK moves into the next phase of the 20-year vision for AMR?

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  • Dr Ron Daniels photo

    Dr Ron Daniels

    Chief Executive, UK Sepsis Trust
  • Louise Sweeney photo

    Dr Louise Sweeney

    Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Professor Matt Inada-Kim photo

    Professor Matt Inada-Kim

    Acute Medicine Consultant, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust and National Clinical Director for Infection, Antimicrobial Resistance and Deterioration, NHS England
  • Colette Goldrick photo

    Colette Goldrick

    Executive Director, Corporate Affairs and Strategy, ABPI
  • Kate Livesey photo

    Kate Livesey

    Senior Policy Adviser, The King’s Fund