Re-imagining care pathways: innovative solutions to improve clinical workloads

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Over the last twenty years in particular, the NHS has been focusing on how to create better care pathways that improve patient outcomes. Improving care pathways has a positive impact on clinical outcomes, cost reduction, patient satisfaction, teamwork and process outcomes, but Covid-19 has created a significant disconnect in these pathways meaning patients are either not entering them or not flowing through them as smoothly as they need to.

The administrative elements of managing patients through pathways are significant and, at a time when the NHS is experiencing workforce shortages, routinely take staff away from caring for and reassuring patients. At this free online event, we explored decision points within pathways and considered how digital technology can transform how pathways operate, enabling clinicians to better understand where each patient is on the pathway, what they are waiting for and what needs to happen next.

Our panel discussed how to improve pathway ‘hand-offs’ and administration, to free up time for staff to care for patients in a more personalised way, and examples of how industry and the NHS can come together to build smarter pathways. 

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This event was held in partnership with IBM. 

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David Maguire

Senior Analyst, The King’s Fund


Dr Avi Mehra

Associate Partner, Watson Health and IBM


Dr Karen Kirkham

National Clinical Advisor, Primary Care, NHS England and Integrated Care System Clinical Lead and Assistant Clinical Chair, Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group


Lord Victor Adebowale

Co-Founder and Chair, Visionable


Paul Mears

Chief Executive Officer, Cwm Taf Morgannwg NHS Trust


Mark Doughty

Director, The Centre for Patient Leadership and Senior Consultant, The King’s Fund