Putting personalised care into practice 

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The NHS long-term plan sets out a commitment to rolling out the comprehensive model for personalised care so that it reaches 2.5 million people by 2023/24, with an ambition to double that figure within a decade. 

This model of personalised care aims to support an individualised approach to health care by reframing the relationship between patients and clinicians from ‘what’s the matter with you?’ – to ‘what matters to you?’. Although personalised care is not new, by drawing together different approaches from shared decision making to social prescribing and personal health budgets, the plan seeks to fundamentally change the way that care is planned and delivered for people living with long-term conditions.  

This online event explored how different components of personalised care are being implemented in practice, from changes to how clinicians are treating patients and supporting people with long-term conditions, to how organisations and local areas are implementing these approaches on a wider scale.  

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Helen Gilburt

Fellow, Policy, The King's Fund


Lynne Craven

Expert by Experience and Member, Network of Champions for Collaborative Care and Support Planning, Royal College of General Practitioners


Dr Amir Hannan

Full-time GP, Haughton Thornley Medical Centres, Chair, Association of Greater Manchester Local Medical Committees and Chairman, World Health Innovation Summit


Alex Fox OBE

Chief Executive, Shared Lives Plus and Member, NHS Assembly and Vice Chair, Think Local, Act Personal

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