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This is a past event

Primary care remains at the heart of every community, with more than one million people accessing advice and support from primary care professionals every day. However, primary care is in crisis, with clinical capacity struggling to keep up with demand, and the sector experiencing workforce shortages, continued political and fiscal upheaval, and evolving relationships within new integrated care systems.   

This conference provided practical guidance and expert insight into the recently published primary care access plan which marks the first step towards the vision in Fuller Stocktake. Delegated heard about the Government's ambitions to enable primary care to recover from the pandemic by cutting NHS waiting lists and focusing on three key areas: giving GPs new digital tools, freeing up GP appointments by funding pharmacists to do more and providing more GP staff and appointments. 

In a time of uncertainty, it is increasingly difficult for those working in primary care to navigate the challenges they face day to day, with ongoing pressure to improve access, referrals and patient outcomes. Despite these challenges, there is a real opportunity to do things differently. Bringing together GPs, allied healthcare professionals, practice staff and senior managers from across the system to reflect the multidisciplinary team, this conference provided delegates with the insight and guidance to confidently manage competing agendas and play an active role in shaping local services. 

What can I expect from this event?

You will gain the confidence to:  

  • navigate the evolving role of primary care in communities  

  • take an active role in shaping local services  

  • champion the voice of patients in primary care  

  • support multidisciplinary teams working to deliver integrated care around the needs of the population at neighbourhood and place level  

  • prioritise and support staff mental health and wellbeing to reduce burnout.  

As well as our more traditional conference sessions, through our focused 10-minute clinics delegates will have the opportunity to explore practical tools that can support them to get to grips with key challenges they face on a daily basis including:

  • teaming

  • system working

  • change management

  • design thinking; and

  • cognitive behavioural therapy. 

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Speakers included

  • "Default Staff Avatar"

    Gabi Darby

    Director of Transformation - Primary Care Commissioning, NHS England
  • Kamila Hawthorne photo

    Kamila Hawthorne

    Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • "Default Staff Avatar"

    Sharon Spooner

    Academic Clinical Lecturer, Centre for Primary Care Research, Manchester University
  • Caroline Rollings logo

    Caroline Rollings

    Non Executive Director and Wellbeing Lead, National Association of Primary Care
  • "Default Staff Avatar"

    Alison Westmacott

    Director of Primary Care, Strategy and Transformation, NHS South, Central and West
  • "Default Staff Avatar"

    Georgette Eton

    National Institute for Health and Care Research Doctoral Research Fellow